What is the weight rating of the camping chair?

Our camping chairs are made from 22mm diameter steel frame making them super strong, and can hold up to 180kg.

How much does the camping chair weigh?

Our chairs weigh approx. 5kg

Do the chairs have a carry bag?

Yes! The carry bags have a nice thick shoulder strap so you it doesn’t cut into your shoulder as you carry them to and from the car.

How do I clean my camping chair?

For longevity we recommend spot cleaning stains as soon as they occur. You can use a damp cloth and a gentle soap if needed.

If you’ve been to the beach or in a muddy area, we recommend lightly hosing down the frame to remove any sand or dirt.

Allow the chair to dry completely before storing in the carry bag.

What if I buy the chair but it's not what I expected?

We understand buying online without the chance to see our amazing range can bring hesitation.

We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you receive your items and are not happy with them.

Please read our 30-day money back guarantee T&C’s before committing to purchasing.

How do I care for my camping chair?

As we have harsh weather conditions in Australia, we recommend the following to ensure the longevity of our chairs.

  • Reduce exposure to elements (extended periods of direct sun and rain)
  • Store in the provided carry bag
  • Store in a dry, cool place
  • Clean chair after each use prior to putting in carry bag.

While we vigorously test our products, we recommend treating your chair with respect, so you get many years out of it.

How do you product test the chairs?

We use them ourselves!

Not only do we use them to ensure their function, strength and durability, we get rough with them!

We rip at them, jump on them, throw them and leave them out in the elements for months to test their performance.

We also listen to every piece of feedback from our customers so each time we go to production, the product gets better and better.