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General FAQs

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping is based on the weight of your order.

Shipping starts from $4.95and all orders over $349.95 receive free shipping Australia wide.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We want you to have peace of mind when shopping with us online. All of our products come with a 30-Day Money back guarantee from the day of delivery or the first attempted delivery if our products don't meet your expectation.

See our full T&C's for our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee here

Product Warranties

All of our products come with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.

If you have purchased your product from one of our retailers you will need to keep your receipt as proof of purchase in order to claim a repair, replacement or refund.

We reserve the right under ACCC laws to inspect the product before deciding to replace, repair or refund your product. You may be asked to take photos, video or post the item back to us for inspection.

Please email us if you believe your product is faulty or has been damaged in transit.

How does pre-order work?

We keep you updated each step of the way.

Once you place your pre-order you will receive your confirmation email from us. All you need to do is sit back and wait for our updates.

Delivery time frames

The estimated dispatch date of your order is on each individual product page. If we believe there is going to be delays, we will update you via email as soon as we receive any updates from our freight partners.

Ordering in-stock item(s) with a pre-order item(s).

To keep the cost of shipping down for you we will send any in-stock item(s) along with your pre-order item(s). If you need the in-stock item now we suggest placing two separate orders.

Do I still receive my 30-Day Guarantee?

Absolutely! Your 30-Day Money back Guarantee starts from the day of delivery or the first attempted delivery.

Can I AfterPay a pre-order item(s)?

Pre-orders are just like any other order, you are welcome to use AfterPay for pre-orders.

Can I cancel my pre-order?

We do not offer refunds for change of mind. However, we will consider refunding your order if the estimated dispatch date has exceeded a reasonable time frame in the rare event of extreme delays of the stock arriving to us.

Do you ship to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers?

Unfortunately, our couriers do not accept PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers. If you are concerned about missing your delivery you are welcome to put your workplace address instead of your home address. We also recommend you also noting the business name to help our couriers find your workplace.

When will my items be shipped?

Orders are usually shipped the next business day unless you have chosen a pre-order item. Please see the shop page of the pre-ordered item for an approximate shipping date.

Covid is still causing domestic shipping delays, please consider this before placing your order.

How long does shipping take?

For metro areas shipping usually takes 3-5 business days once your order has been collected by our courier.

Outside of metro areas can take up to 10 business days.

We recommend allowing up to 28 business days if you are in a rural/remote areas.

WA, NT, SA & TAS tend to have longer than usual shipping times. Please contact us for a shipping estimate if you need your order by a certain date

Will my items be tracked?

Yes, all parcels can be tracked online.

In the rare event your tracking information isn't being updated please contact us via email so we can investigate this for you.

We mainly use multiple courier partners including Interparcel, Fast Courier and Sendle. Once we have arranged your courier you will receive an email notification with your tracking number.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, however, you will need to contact us to place your order and receive your shipping quote.

Unfortunately, due to our insurance policy we are unable to ship to the USA or Canada.

Camping Chair FAQs

What is the weight rating of the camping chair?

Our camping chairs are made from 22mm diameter steel frame making them super strong, and can hold up to 180kg.

How much does the camping chair weigh?

Our chairs weigh approx. 5kg

Do the chairs have a carry bag?

Yes! The carry bags have a nice thick shoulder strap so you it doesn’t cut into your shoulder as you carry them to and from the car.

How do I clean my camping chair?

For longevity we recommend spot cleaning stains as soon as they occur. You can use a damp cloth and a gentle soap if needed.

If you’ve been to the beach or in a muddy area, we recommend lightly hosing down the frame to remove any sand or dirt.

Allow the chair to dry completely before storing in the carry bag.

What if I buy the chair but it's not what I expected?

We understand buying online without the chance to see our amazing range can bring hesitation.

We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you receive your items and are not happy with them.

Please read our 30-day money back guarantee T&C’s before committing to purchasing.

How do I care for my camping chair?

As we have harsh weather conditions in Australia, we recommend the following to ensure the longevity of our chairs.

Reduce exposure to elements (extended periods of direct sun and rain)Store in the provided carry bagStore in a dry, cool placeClean chair after each use prior to putting in carry bag.

While we vigorously test our products, we recommend treating your chair with respect, so you get many years out of it.

How do you product test the chairs?

We use them ourselves!

Not only do we use them to ensure their function, strength and durability, we get rough with them!

We rip at them, jump on them, throw them and leave them out in the elements for months to test their performance.

We also listen to every piece of feedback from our customers so each time we go to production, the product gets better and better.

Sleeping Bag FAQs

What is the temperature rating?

Our sleeping bags are deceptively warm! They are rated to -5 degrees Celsius so your extra snuggly on your next camping trip.

Based on our testing and customer feedback we find they perform well between -5 to 5 degress Celsius. However, we do not recommend them for extreme cold weather conditions such as snow.

Unzipping the sleeping bag as a quilt does not have a -5c rating. We find it does well in 10c and above conditions. 

Can I wash my sleeping bags?

Yes! Our sleeping bags are easy to clean in any regular machine washable. Care instructions are included in your order, or you can check out our FAQ page.

Are the sleeping bags waterproof?

No, but they are great at keeping the dampness off your camping bed without making the inside of your sleeping bag and bed sheets feel cold and wet.

Can I fully unzip the sleeping bag?

Absolutely! We designed them that way so on warmer nights you can completely unzip the sleeping bag and use it like a quilt.

Can I zip two sleeping bags together?

You betcha! Make a giant queen size sleeping bag by zipping any of our sleeping bags together.

What is the size of the sleeping bag unzipped?

Our sleeping bags perfectly fit a queen-sized bed at 190cm wide and 200cm long completely unzipped.

What is the sleeping bag made of?

Our boho sleeping bags are made from high quality, silky soft polyester. Our sleeping bags are filled with a loose polyester cotton filling that makes our sleeping bags extra snuggly, like your quilt at home.

Travel Mug FAQs

Can my travel mug be used for hot and cold drinks?

Absolutely! It works great for keeping drinks hot and cold.

We dont recommend having the lid on with carbonated drinks.

What does "leak resistant lid" mean?

Like most travel mug brands our lids are leak resistant. This mean that the slider that covers the mouth opening may leak in the event the travel mug is tipped upside down or shaken.

Does the travel mug get hot touch?

Due to the double wall insulation you will not feel the heat on the exterior of the mug. Due to the lid being plastic it can become warm.

Are the travel mugs durable?

Absolutely! We chose a custom printing method that is anti-scratch so your travel mug will continue to look beautoful for years to come.

The stainless steel is also durable, but there is always the possability for damge if mistreated. The lids being made from plastic are suseptable to breaking if dropped on hard surfaces.

How long will my the travel mug keep my drink hot for?

The answer to this question is subjective as everyone likes their cuppa at different temperatures and depends on how often you open and close your lid.

From our testing we found you should get up to 2-3 hours if you like a hot cuppa. If you like to sip on it all day it should keep your cuppa warm up to 6 hours.

These time frames are not a gurantee but estimates based on our testing.

Are the travel mugs dishwasher safe?

Yes, we recommend they be put on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

Gift Cards

How long is the e-gift card valid for?

Gift cards are valid for three years from the date of purchase under Australian Consumer Law.

Can my gift card be exchanged for cash?

No. All gift card purchases are final and not exchangeable for cash.

I have a balance on my gift card can I have the balance refunded to me for cash?

No. Gift card balances are not exchangeable for cash. 

I entered the wrong email address when I ordered my gift card, what do I do?

Send us an email at with your contact details and we will do our best to help you retrieve your gift card number. 

How do I check my gift card balance?

Send us an email and we will let you know your gift cards balance and expiry date.

I forgot to use my gift card before it expired, what happens now?

Unfortunately, once your gift card has expired the value available on the gift card is now void and can no longer be  used for purchases. 

Can my gift card be used at other stores?

While other retailers stock our products our gift cards are exclusive to our online store only. 

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