What is the temperature rating?

Our sleeping bags are deceptively warm! They are rated to -5 degrees Celsius so your extra snuggly on your next camping trip.

Based on our testing and customer feedback we find they perform well between -5 to 5 degrees Celsius. However, we do not recommend them for extreme cold weather conditions such as snow.

Unzipping the sleeping bag as and using it as a quilt does not have a -5c rating. We find it does well in 10c and above conditions. 

Can I wash my sleeping bags?

Yes! Our sleeping bags are easy to clean in any regular machine washable. Care instructions are included in your order, or you can check out our FAQ page.

Are the sleeping bags waterproof?

No, but they are great at keeping the dampness off your camping bed without making the inside of your sleeping bag and bed sheets feel cold and wet.

Can I fully unzip the sleeping bag?

Absolutely! We designed them that way so on warmer nights you can completely unzip the sleeping bag and use it like a quilt.

Can I zip two sleeping bags together?

You betcha! Make a giant queen size sleeping bag by zipping any of our sleeping bags together.

What is the size of the sleeping bag unzipped?

Our sleeping bags perfectly fit a queen-sized bed at 190cm wide and 200cm long completely unzipped.

What is the sleeping bag made of?

Our boho sleeping bags are made from high quality, silky soft 65gsm polyester. Our sleeping bags are filled with a loose polyester cotton filling that makes our sleeping bags extra snuggly, like your quilt at home.