We know how much it can suck being stuck in your tent, freezing cold, and no way to warm up while you're trying to fall asleep! So I've put together some of our favourite tips for keeping warm on your Winter camping trips.

Tip One

Yoga mats or foam interlocking floor tiles under your camping mattress are a simple and light weight solution to add a little extra layer of protection from the cold ground in your tent or swag. They don’t need to be fancy, some cheap yoga mats and floor tiles do the job fine. Keep in mind the thicker that mats the more insulation you add. Interlocking mats without the holes are also ideal.

Tip Two

Avoid air mattresses during winter. The air in your inflatable mattress is going to become the same temp as the air in your tent, COLD!!. With nothing but a thin pieces of plastic and a bed sheet between you and the cold air, this is going to make you cold, fast!. We recommend a thick foam mattress while camping in cold conditions.

Tip Three

Before you pop your fitted sheet on your mattress place down a queen/king sized plush polyester blanket or winter polyester doona. Polyester is fantastic at keeping warmth in and helps reduce the cold coming through your mattress (especially if you’re using an air mattress).


Tip Four

Flannelette fitted sheets are great to help keep you snug in bed. They've got a wonderful cozy feeling about them, and your fitted sheet is going to hold your doona in place. Another option is finding a sleeping bag that has flannel as its inner fabric.

Tip Five

A polyester sleeping bag suited to your individual needs is a must. It will help reduce heat loss while your sleeping and you can always unzip them if you get too hot. They're also great at keeping the damp off your sheets! We have a range of stunning boho sleeping bags that are great for Winter camping trips.

Tip Six

Prepare your Winter PJ's ahead of your trip. Thermal clothing is always a great option when you're heading to areas below 5-10 degrees. They can be worn under your regular PJ's or instead consider some thick trackies and long sleeve tops for your winter PJ's.

We also tend to feel the cold more in our hands and feet as the body sends more blood to our vital organs in cold conditions. Consider some thick socks and comfy gloves for bed time to help your body regulate its temperature and blood flow easier.

Bonus Tips!

1. Sleeping bag inserts are always a good option to take your sleeping bag to the next temperature range.

2. Electric blankets are fantastic! They draw minimal Watts so if you're off-grid on a battery system you can make your winter trip a little more luxury. They're available in 12v or 240v depending on your needs.

3. Hot water bottles! If you're not limited on water, throw the kettle on the fire before bed and get ready to spoon your hot water bottle!

We hope you loved our tips for keeping warm in bed during your Winter camping trip. If you've got any tips you'd like to share with us feel free to reach out so we can share them with out community. 

July 19, 2022 — The Boho Camping Co.

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