We understand it can be difficult choosing the right sleeping bag for your camping trips. There are many factors to consider including:

  • The weather conditions 
  • How you personally feel the elements
  • Where you are sleeping 
  • What it's made from

Our simple guide is designed to help you consider your personal needs so you can feel confident choosing your next boho sleeping bag.

Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions play a large role in choosing the right sleeping bag. It's important to consider that while the temperature outside might be 10 degrees, we also feel the effects of the elements like rain and wind making it seem colder than it is on the thermometer. 


How you personally feel the Elements:

If you feel the cold more than others, you may find that choosing a sleeping bag with a temperature rating lower than outdoor weather conditions suits you better. 

For example, if outside conditions (without rain or wind) is 5 degrees, you may find a 0 or -5 sleeping bag suits your needs better.


Where you are sleeping:

If you're protected from the elements in a cabin, or a caravan you may find you don't need a sleeping bag with a low temperature rating. While it can still get cold inside, you have the advantage of not being affected by wind which can make you feel colder than what actual temperatures are.

If you tend to camp in swag or tent you may find you need to choose a sleeping bag that matches outdoor conditions, especially if your tent/swag doesn't hold in body heat well. 

Sleeping on the ground is another consideration to factor in. Our mattresses tend to absorb the cold or heat from the ground which can make your sleeping space feel even more cold/hot depending on the time of year.

What it’s made from:

Polyester filling and fabrics are always a good choice for Winter sleeping bags, particularly in wet conditions with low outdoor temps.

As polyester doesn't breathe the same way cotton does, you tend to lose less heat inside the sleeping bag keeping you toasty all night. Another advantage of polyester is it helps keep the damp off your bedding at. There’s nothing worse than jumping into bed warm from the campfire, to find your bedding is damp from the evening dew.

We’ve deigned our sleeping bags to be suitable for all seasons. Zipped up they keep you comfortable and warm in the colder months, and when the warmer weather come back around you can unzip them completely and use them like a quilt. Made from silky soft polyester to keep the damp off and warmth in, we know you will be left feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud.



July 19, 2022 — The Boho Camping Co.

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